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Services Offered

The general goal of Mental Performance Consulting is to learn mental skills for sport and life to achieve your highest potential on and off the field/court, etc.

  • Find your optimal zone for training and performance
  • Overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs
  • Reduce fear of failure
  • Recover from injury or overtraining
  • Build and maintain confidence
  • Build and maintain motivation
  • Reduce preperformance anxiety
  • Learn leadership development techniques
  • Calm both mind and body with effective relaxation techniques
  • Design a plan to accomplish goals
  • Manage distractions and enhance concentration
  • Restructure your self-talk to positively impact your performance
  • Master imagery and visualization; learn how it can improve performance and life fulfillment
  • Build an imagery script that matches your competition environment
  • Build team trust, cohesion, communication, and confidence
  • Develop strong leadership skills
  • Overcome adversity
  • Learn how to deal with the challenges of being a competitive student-athlete
  • Learn how to overcome challenges and bad performances/plays
  • Build mental toughness and resilience
  • Maintain satisfaction of sport and competition

Health and Wellness consultants are experts in the field of health, nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle factors that affect our overall well-being. We are “change agents” who help clients set and achieve health goals and build new habits.

  • Learn about stress management techniques, lifestyle habits, and exercise routines to help meet your health goals
  • Learn how to uncover the mental roadblocks that are inhibiting your success in your weight loss/fitness journey
  • Uncover the “why” behind your desired health change
  • Break your current damaging habits and build new healthy ones
  • Become empowered by learning how to be an expert on your own body, mind, and circumstances
  • Gain support and accountability
  • Learn how to improve your body image and relationship with food
  • Learn how to properly set goals and accomplish them
  • Learn how to emphasize your relationship between physical and mental wellness
  • Improve your self-talk and break through fears, doubts, and frustrating patterns that have kept you stuck… Create the life you deserve!

Peak health begins with nutrition and fitness. Offering guidance and development of healthy eating habits and ideas on how to stay fit to strategies for giving you a happy, healthy start. Realistic goals and plans that will motivate you to maintain healthy living and manage your health in creative ways.

  • Discuss your past and current eating habits
  • Individualized approach to healthy eating.
  • Establish your needs, strengths, and goals.
  • Help setting realistic, achievable goals.
  • Nutritional and fitness guidance.
  • Exercise consultation and guidelines in order to help achieve and sustain results.
  • Create an action plan to achieve the goals.
  • Prepare for any roadblocks or barriers to reaching their goals.
  • Discuss the timing of your meals.
  • Discuss the combinations of your foods.
  • Discuss the sources of your nutrients.

Sport Psychology/Mental Performance/Health & Wellness Consultation Packages

Individual Sport Psychology/Mental Performance/Health & Wellness


Contact me for semi-private sessions, team/group sessions, public speaking/workshops, and webinar rates.



(1) 50-60 Minute Session


1 MONTH $280

(1) Session p/w
($70 per session)


2 MONTHS $520

(1) Session p/w
($65 per session)


3 MONTHS $699

(1) Session p/w
($58 per session)


*Intake Session Information

During your mental performance OR wellness intake session, we’ll go over your mental skills questionnaire and discuss your background in your area of performance or sport. The objective is to understand the top mental skill areas you’ll want to improve to tackle your perceived barriers. After some follow-up questions, the next task is to develop a mental game plan that outlines the top areas we want to improve in your mental performance consulting program.  After your intake session, I begin the coaching phase of mental training. In this phase, I will give you strategies to help improve in specific areas of your mental game.  Areas include confidence building, motivation enhancement, imagery ability, anxiety/worry management, relaxation ability, preperformance routines, mindfulness training, dealing with injuries, and whatever other roadblocks are inhibiting your performance.

What’s the difference between the Mental Performance Consulting & the Health & Wellness Consulting sessions?

Mental Performance Consulting (Sport Psychology) sessions help athletes and teams of all ages and skill levels develop critical mental skills that optimize performance and give a mental advantage over the competition. I work with athletes one-on-one or in groups to identify their mental strengths and to break through mental barriers to improve their performance. I help athletes handle the rigors of training, cope with pressure in competitive situations, overcome high expectations, manage performance anxiety, and build confidence and focus to perform consistently well in order to compete at their highest potential.

Health & Wellness Consulting sessions give tailored suggestions to clients (group and individual) regarding food, setting goals, exercise, and overall health. I educate clients on how to adopt healthy habits and how to drop habits that have a negative impact on overall well-being.

Nutrition & Fitness Consultation Package

Individual Nutrition & Fitness Consultation

Via zoom, I will take the time to listen closely and understand where you are right now in terms of your lifestyle and diet, and work with you to help achieve your goals. We will talk about goal setting, nutritional analysis, exercise, food journaling, and action steps. Healthy recipes, food choices, and a monthly workout plan are included.



(1) 60 Minute Zoom Session


Who I Work With

My Services are for anyone looking for tools to reach their fullest potential, not just athletes!